By accessing this website and hiring from Only Designer Hire (ODH) ABN 20625188781 you are accepting and consenting to being bound to the outlined terms of service. If you do not agree to ODH’s terms of service, then you may not use this service. ODH reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice to you


1a) “ODH” (“we”, “our”, “us”) means Only Designer Hire or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of ODH

1b) “Client” (“renter“, “customer”, “you” or “your”) means the client



2a) The acceptance of the following terms of service and use apply to all products and information across the site

2b) The following terms of service and use constitute a legally binded agreement between ODH and the client



3a) A garment is not secured until full payment is made via the booking portal

3b) Garments cannot be collected prior to payment being made

3c) Suitable collection must be arranged between the client and ODH. The full address information of ODH is not published via the payment portal for privacy purposes. Therefore, the client must wait for collection to be arranged and for the full address to be provided prior to attempting to collecting the garment



4a) Generally our hire period is 4 days in duration (including receiving date & returning date). If the client requires a longer hire period, this must be arranged prior to hiring between ODH and the client

4b) For local orders, the garment must be returned to ODH by 5 PM on the final day of the hire. In most cases for weekend hires, this means Sunday OR Monday unless arranged otherwise prior to booking the garment

4c) For postage orders, the garment must be lodged back in the express satchel & label provided over the counter at an Australia Post store by 4 PM the following business day (Monday) unless arranged otherwise prior to booking the garment. The return instructions provided to the client must be followed correctly, failure to do so will result in fees (i.e. item being posted to incorrect address OR being posted back with standard postage rather than express OR no lodgement receipt provided). If the item is deemed missing and no lodgement receipt is provided by the client, the client will be liable for 100% of the Recommended Retail Price (“RRP”) 

4d) If you have selected local collection & return, you MUST notify ODH prior to booking the garment IF you are intending to post it back. If the garment is posted back without prior consultation with ODH, you will be liable for late fees in accordance with the number of days it takes for the garment to arrive back in the post

4e) ODH charges a late fee of $20 p/day

4f) ODH relies on timely hires to allow for sufficient time to clean and prepare the garment for the next hire. Fees will be followed up accordingly. If the fees invoiced are not paid within 14 days, the client’s details will be forwarded onto debt collectors to retrieve the costs. The client is liable to pay the fee + recovery fees + any additional fees outline by the debt collectors. If the garment is not returned to ODH in time for the garment to be prepared and posted or collected by the next customer, the customer is liable for the following hire fee + any late fees accumulated



5a) A store credit will be issued if the client cancels a booking within twelve (12) hours of making the original booking. The client must notify ODH in writing to cancel an order

5b) Upon cancellation of the booking, a one (1) year store credit will be provided to the customer

5c) Once a booking is placed using a store credit, it is final and cannot be swapped or cancelled for another garment or store credit

5d) If a client fails to collect their order on the arranged date and time, ODH is not liable to provide a store credit or a refund

5e) If you are unable to attend your event due to receiving a positive COVID-19 result or needing to isolate due to being deemed a close contact, official dated proof must be provided

If you need to cancel or change your booking, please reach out to ODH via email or via instagram direct message (



6a) ODH carefully inspects each garment prior to each hire period. In the instance that any defects are missed by ODH the client is subject to the below outline terms of service. The client acknowledges and accepts that garments from ODH may not be in their original condition and are therefore subject to general fair wear and tear. The nature of fair wear and tear is determined at the sole discretion of ODH. Fair wear and tear does not qualify for a refund or store credit

6b) The client must inspect the garment upon collection or delivery. If the client notes any defects, damages, faults or shortage in quality of the garment they shall notify ODH within four (4) hours of receiving. Notification must be provided to ODH in writing via instagram direct message or email

6c) If no defects, damages, or faults are reported by the client within four (4) hours of receiving the garment, the client is liable for any defects, damages, or faults outlined by ODH upon returning the garment. This includes, but is not limited to, broken zippers, holes/tearing/rips in fabric, pulling in material and staining



7a) ODH carefully cleans each garment through a standard hand washing process. Dry cleaning is NOT included in the hire price. If the garment is returned with any form of staining that is not hand washable, the client is liable to pay the dry cleaning fee. In the instance that the dry cleaning is unsuccessful, the client is liable to pay the RRP of the garment

7b) If the fees outlined are not paid within 14 days, the client’s details will be forwarded onto debt collectors to retrieve the costs. The client is liable to pay the fee + recovery fees + any additional fees outline by the debt collectors

7c) The client must not clean the garment themselves, each garment requires specific cleaning to avoid damage and to ensure the quality is maintained

7d) Under no circumstances is the customer to make temporary alterations, place the item in a tumble drying, press/iron the item themselves or make any changes to the garment. The client will be liable to pay the RRP if this occurs



8a) The client is responsible for the safe keeping of the garment from collection through to returning. The client agrees to the following:

    • Immediately notify ODH of any damages, defects or staining that occur to the garment. The garment has a greater chance of returning to its original state if staining is treated immediately
    • Maintain the safe keeping of the garment through keeping it in their own possession and control throughout the entirety of the hiring period
    • Maintain the quality of the garment, please care for the garment as if is your own. Avoid any direct contact with food, make-up, dirt, stamps, fake tan (we suggest having washed fake tan off at least twice to ensure all the bronzer/developer does not transfer), sharp objects/surfaces, jewellery and liquids

Failure to comply with the outlined client responsibilities will result in damage fees, dry cleaning fees or full RRP being charged. The hire fee paid by the client is not deducted from the replacement value of the dress. The garment must still be returned regardless of if it is completely damaged beyond repair or not for tax purposes. If the fees outlined are not paid within 14 days, the client’s details will be forwarded onto debt collectors to retrieve the costs or reported as stolen if not returned. The client is liable to pay the fee + recovery fees + any additional fees outline by the debt collectors 



9a) ODH is not required to refund clients due to delayed arrivals caused by Australia Post

9b) ODH is aware of postage time frames for each state. The tracking number provided by ODH shows evidence of the lodgement date & time of the garment, if the garment is posted on time (minimum of one (1) day prior) but is affected due to delivery delays and subsequently does not arrive in time for the clients event, ODH will offer a one (1) year store credit of the full hire fee excluding the shipping fee under the following terms:

    • The garment must be in its original, unworn state
    • The garment must be lodged back over the counter at an Australia Post store on the same day of arrival/delivery

      9c) The client is responsible for using their own judgement when placing a postage booking. For example, if a postage booking is placed on Thursday evening for a Saturday booking, it most likely will not arrive in time. In this instance, ODH will notify the customer to arrange a store credit

      9d) ODH does not accept responsibility for the following:

          • If an unsecured postage address is provided, ODH is not liable for the product being left unattended 
          • If the incorrect/ineligible address is provided at the time of booking, the customer will be required to pay late fees and/or the RRP in the event that the item goes missing. The customer is not entitled to a store credit or refund in this instance.
          • In the event that the parcel is returned to store for collection due to Australia Post being unable to leave the parcel or gain access, the client is not entitled to any refund or store credit

        9e) The client must use the return postage label & bag provided by ODH, if the client uses another postage bag and lodges the garment back via standard shipping the client will be liable for late fees & any future hire fees due to the delay

        9f) The client must lodge the garment back the following business day after their event (business days are Mon-Fri) by 3 PM. The client must provide a lodgement receipt to ODH. Without this, there is no proof of lodgement. If the garment does not arrive back to ODH, the client is liable if there is no proof of lodgement



        10a) ODH reserves the right to charges clients fees including (but not limited to) late fees, damages, dry cleaning charges, missing items, lost, stolen, debt collection recovery fees or unreturned garments

        10b) Clients are given 14 days to make payment, unless arranged otherwise. If the client does not pay the fees within 14 days, ODH reserves the right to pass the clients details onto a debt collector to recover the costs. The client will be liable to pay the fees outlined by ODH, recovery/collection fees and any additional fees outlined by the debt collection agency